Here are some suggestions for planning your wedding:
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Together we'll plan for your wedding your way!  We can help you do anything from a full ceremony with bunches of attendants to a simple ceremony just before you climb out the window to elope... and everything in-between. 

For some folks marrying legally is not a possibility.  In those cases we can provide a ceremony of commitment that allows you to proclaim your love and declare your mutual promises publicly.


Has it been a while since you exchanged your vows?  Many couples choose to renew their commitment, often with family and friends in attendance.  It's a wonderful way to remind yourselves of the love you have shared and plan to share in the journey ahead.


The end of a life is a difficult time for those who are left behind. Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one releases a lot of feelings.  Dismay, anger, grief, guilt, relief may all be present.  We can help you with a meaningful ceremony that truly celebrates the life of someone you have cared for and offers comfort for those who remain.

Home Blessings

If you want to mark moving into a new home with a special occasion we can do that. 

Child Blessings

The birth or adoption of a child is a truly special time.  It's special for the parents but it is also special to a wider community of family and friends.