First UCC News

National Committee on Innovation, Technology and the Local Church (NCITLC) Formed

1st UCC Second Life -- After some months of discussions about the need to increase awareness of new ways of being the church, First UCC Second Life has launched a new effort to consider how to take the church to the people.  Recognizing that the existing model of people coming to church at a fixed day and time seems out-dated for many in a modern world, First UCC SL decided to use our experience in this ministry to start a conversation.

A blog has been established for the NCITLC.  You may visit it here.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Observed

1st UCC Second Life -- November 20th First UCC Second Life will host a Transgender Day of Remembrance service in our Worship Center Sanctuary.  The service is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. SLT.  This annual service memorializes those transgendered persons who lost their lives in 2018. 

The service is being done in cooperation with the St. Luke's Episcopal Congregation in Second Life. 

Fall Formal Featured a Woodland Theme

1st UCC Club Diversity, Second Life -- Our Fall Formal is an excuse for our avatars to search the inventory for a tuxedo or a ball gown.  Fall Formal And for some it's a great reason to go exploring in Second Life in search of a bargain new outfit to add to the wardrobe. 

Friends and members gathered in our Club Diversity Ballroom for this annual event, held this year on November 15th.  Formal dances seem to be among the most popular monthly themed events that we do.  As usual, our Events Staff person Marie Fairport did a spectacular job decorating our ballroom.  Her real life husband Kiva did a playlist of dance music for our two hour social occasion.

We're looking forward to our next monthly social which will be our Christmas Party.  It is scheduled for December 20th at 6:00 p.m. SLT.

We Celebrated Five Years of Ministry

1st UCC Events Platform, Second Life -- October 27, 2013 was the fifth anniversary of our first worship service at First UCC Second Life.  Fifth Anniversary Dance Party To commemorate this milestone we held a special worship service on Sunday, October 28, 2018 and followed it with a dance party.  Member Lora Chadbourne provided us with a special venue, a recreation of the Disneyland Saloon.  It was another opportunity for our friends and members to enjoy a social time which always includes lots of chatting while dancing or just sitting and watching the festivities.  Marie and Kiva Fairport provided hosting and music services.

Also unveiled was the "5 Years" version of our logo.  Our seminarian, Yadi, crafted this special design in time for the celebration.

The next major event will be our first Annual Meeting of the congregation.  The meeting will follow Sunday evening worship on November 18th.  We will formally receive our charter official members at that time.  More pictures of the fifth anniversary celebration are here.

July Party Transformed Club Diversity into a Beach

Beach Party 1st UCC Club Diversity, Second Life -- Marie Fairport did her usual wonderful decorating job and transformed First United Church of Christ Second Life formal ballroom, Club Diversity, into a sandy beach.  Pictured are Rev. Jerome and Lora Chadbourne a member of the First UCC Second Life Congregation. 

Lora is a talented builder in Second Life and is the creator of the replica of the Garden Tomb on the Newstart Island part of our campus.  Lora also created a replica of the Pilgrim ship the Mayflower which is anchored in the channel between our two islands.  Both are very much worth visiting.  Tours of both of these wonderful places to visit are self-guided.

April Party Was a Zoo

1st UCC Club Diversity, Second Life -- Our Club Diversity ballroom Zoo Dance Party was transformed into an outdoor zoo for our April Themed Event.  One of the great joys for many Second Life residents is the opportunity to create a unique avatar for special occasions.  Others opt for putting together a unique outfit.  It is all part of the ability to create in ways that real life may not offer.  Out members enjoy the time to socialize and share their creative work with each other. 

Our staff Events Director, Marie Fairport, and her real life husband Kiva always create a special music play list for each event.  Like all activities on the First United Church of Christ Second Life campus, our dancers and social times are open to everyone.  There is a calendar listing all worship and social events on our Calendar page.